Aquatech Water Sports


Launched in 2021, aquatech.ae is a local watersports company in Dubai providing the most unique water activities in Dubai.

Clear kayaking was a whole new experience and something that no one has ever seen. We were personally astonished by how beautiful the experience is when we first tried them, we were sure that the people would love them too. Finding the location was a little tricky as Dubai was filled with beaches. After extensive research and visits to every beach in Dubai. There was only one that really stood out and we just knew that it was the right spot, it was our first location “Jumeirah 1 beach”. The clear water and the magical skyscraper’s view made it the dream location. Renting out our clear kayak to our first customer felt like a dream come true and we never looked back from there. The customers loved the experience and most of them came back for another ride. We felt the love from everyone, and it really spread happiness between everyone. With time we all became a family, and we really understood the importance of the business-customer relationship. We want to give our customers the best experiences and spread happiness and joy. Our goal is to expand all over the UAE and even to other countries.